Free Ideas

November 23, 2018

Monthly Mail order paper goods (for extremely lazy college students who don’t like to wash dishes or leave the house in any capacity. ) Make them really really pretty patterns. Thats the key-the most dazzling plastic cups anyone has ever seen. Thats the real reason why we buy jessica alba diapers right? I love this idea. The marketing would look like a vice after party spread but focus in on the beautiful trash can full of beautiful color trash. And of course make the trash biodegradable made from recycled corn flakes, all that. I was literally about to do this one but then remembered the worst case scenario for me would be to have it take off and then I’d be stuck to a warehouse with employees and crap..aaah what a nightmare! Take it it’s yours.

November 23, 2018

Chair Green Screen

A green screen that clips to the back of your chair so you easily have an editable background for your blogging In front of your computer, or wherever you are. What if instead of lights the whole thing sort of glowed. A bright green price of felt might work better at creating More even luminous color than green color paper.

Ice cream ice cubes for iced coffee, that one is so obvious.

November 23, 2018

Baby bottle Ice Coozy

An ice pack that wraps around a baby bottle do you don’t have to throw a whole cooler bag in your purse. Yes I carry a purse with one diaper, a onesie, some wipes and a tiny blanket. Is non diaper bag minimalists exist.

I literally was about to start this business and then remembered I don’t have 10 grand or desire to rent a warehouse. Take it, it’s yours.

I am a vocalist and I live in a condo on the second floor that faces a small busy street i.e. everyone and I mean everyone can hear my vocal practices. Please somebody make me vocal helmet like one of those old timey scuba diver helmets or space helmet but with monitors so you can hear yourself and also lots and lots and lots of soundproofing and a little cooling system. Genius. And then send me a sample.

Could someone please create a stock images service dedicated to cannabis-but like, good useful ones? I, like many people nowadays do a lot of graphic designing for the cannabis/hemp industry. Do you know how hard it is to acquire photo assets when you are sitting in an office where the product you are trying to advertise is contra banned in the HR manual? We’re are all desperately image searching, resizing, recoloring, reshaping, re-using the same photos until its barely legal. All of the lifestyle photos I’ve seen are grim, real grim. I’ve had to resort to using a group of happy people jumping in a field, bleh. Come on, we can do better than that. And please, no more of those artsy “oil + wood spoon + ground up green stuff with a touch of burlap“ shots; wtf, nobody uses those.

Do it do it! And then email me, I’ll probably sign up.